Incremental Studio

An independent product studio housing the side projects of Benjamin Sehl.

Particular projects in development include:

  • Margin: A contemporary care company
  • Dossier: A personal web page builder
  • Bento: A personal productivity tool and dashboard
  • Office Hours: A calendar scheduling service

Some of these projects have or will become full fledged companies, others may never see the light of day. My main goal is to learn by doing. I have the full intention of bringing each of these ideas to life, but I'm first prioritizing my family, and my day job at Shopify.

I’m also thinking about writing a blog, where I’d post about the things I’m learning and resources I’ve found most helpful. If you think that would be interesting, please let me know.

I’m always excited by new ideas, but am already strapped for time. If you’re a great developer that cares a lot about craft, I’d be happy to talk about collaborating.

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